Learn How To UnMeditate

The UnMeditation is an unforced, unstructured life skill that will radically change your capacity to manage stress resulting in more balance, peace and harmony. Find your calm here.


The Why

UnMeditation is the solution to meditation. Whether you are new to meditation or experienced, the outcome is the same … it is the process and journey that we guide you through that is different.

Breakthrough – go from “I can’t” to “I can and I want to”.


The Learnings

The lack of discipline is actually a discipline unto itself … we believe that the traditional disciplines associated with meditation (sitting in lotus, breath count, time) actually lend themselves to the feelings of “I can’t meditate”. The UnMeditation removes expectations and in their place gives you the freedom to design a mediation that is structured around, and reflective of where you are on any given day.

The UnMeditation encourages you to choose a comfortable position or positions for yourself …  sitting in lotus, lying down, exercising, changing positions part way through the meditation are all acceptable ways to make your way through an unmeditation.

You will establish a natural connection to your own breath … a simple connection to your breath as it presents itself will guide you to a place of serenity and stillness … an understanding that it is fluid and ever changing … you’ll just go with the flow.

You will learn to practice in the absence of self-criticism and self-judgement … this is an absolute.

Practice is programmed right into your body to take with you anywhere  …  you will embrace the transportability and ever changing-ness of your time spent in UnMeditation.  Each experience is unique and you will never, ever have the same experience twice, this is the beauty of your practice.


The Benefits

alleviates stress

manages depression and anxiety

transforms relationships

enhances attention and focus

boosts athletic performance and physical wellbeing

improves mental health

improves sleep

stimulates brain function

builds emotional fitness

accelerates healing and recovery


Our breakthrough course designed to serve both new and experienced meditators find a practice that is authentic, accessible and successful … train your mind, transform your world.

You will find your way.

What you receive:

5 Modules of UnMeditation: Music-based, vibration-based, guided, moving and silent.


$250 for one hour of virtual learnings with David and Lisa

Consultations are available 7 days a week.

Please be in touch with us directly to book your UnMeditation session.