Sound Bathing

Our Sound Bathing is an immersive, full-body listening journey using crystal sound bowls to create a restorative and therapeutic experience.


The Why

Sound is vibration and vibration touches every part of our physical being. Sound Bathing creates the space and conditions for healing to occur on many levels … it stimulates our circulation and immune system, cleanses our energy meridians, and helps to release emotions stored in our body like anger, stress, physical pain and trauma … calms your nervous system taking you into a deep state of balance and relaxation.


The Experience

A tailored “concert for the soul” … simply relax and listen as the sounds guide you on a journey of deep relaxation, rejuvenation and reset. Uniquely, David and Lisa play crystal sound bowls in unison to promote a more calm mind and balanced nervous system, resulting in inner peace and emotional well-being.


The Benefits

centering and calming

alleviates stress

manages depressions and anxiety

enhances attention and focus

boosts all dimensions of wellness

improves sleep

stimulates brain function

calms the nervous systems

accelerates healing and recovery

contributes to personal growth, transformation and self-awareness


Sound Bathing is a meditative, intuitive experience that brings you into a deep state of rest, activated creativity, and cellular reset.

Absorb vibrations and let the stress and tension melt away…enjoy a lightness of being.


What you receive:

45 minute Sound Bathing Journey with David and Lisa both playing crystal bowls in our private studio


Investment:  $275

Please be in touch to discuss or book your Sound Bathing.