Off-Road-Speed-Play Training is an immersive, multi-dimensional, and regenerative workout on trails in nature.


The Why

It is easy to understand why so many people choose to walk or run on a treadmill, a track, or the road. These are all convenient, measurable, consistent, and predictable terrains. Getting off-road and playing with your speed provides important physical and mental challenges and strengthening that flat terrains simply don’t. Whether it is a technical trail on a mountain side or a wide, well-groomed trail in a quiet park, when you take your workouts off the pavement, you will reap the benefits of Off-Road-Speed Play, a fully immersive, intuitive workout that is multi-dimensional and regenerative.

A full list of “why”s


The Experience

Off-Road-Speed-Play is outdoor intuitive training. David and Lisa will  take you (or a small group) for Extended Conditioning workout that improves your mind-body awareness, builds mental and physical strength, and enhances stamina … an invigorating experience that will inspire you to move your body and breathe differently!


The Benefits

Your balance will improve.
You will use and strengthen muscles you don’t necessarily use.
Less impact on your joints and muscles.
Your Braintelligence will soar.
Interval Training at its best.
You will avoid traffic and monotony.
It’s a heightened and “whole” experience.
You will get outside and will breathe your Biome.
Unplug from the chaos.
Plug into an invigorating workout .
It makes you feel really good!


Off-Road-Speed Play is a fully immersive, intuitive workout that is multi-dimensional and regenerative … great to do on your own or in groups.

Get outside, get off the road. and learn to move your body well … your mind, body, and soul will thank you.


What you receive:

60 minute Off-Road-Speed-Play Immersive with David and Lisa leading and guiding, plus grounding warm-ups, cool downs and functional movement foundations.


Investment:  $375 for one hour, up to 5 people

Please be in touch to discuss or book your Off-Road-Speed-Play Immersive


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