Body Resetting

Our self-care, ritual-based program helping you to learn how to adapt to, and recover from the symptoms of every day life. Find stillness and discover a deeper, more nourishing connection to your self while heightening your senses and energizing your every day.


The Why

Our Body Resetting methods offer you interchangeable elements so that your routine can address your needs on any given day. In keeping with our belief that should be your own best expert, we will assist and inspire you to choose the elements which best fulfill the needs of your current state, your day, and how you feel … proactively or reactively. Optimal body health is fluid and ever-changing and your Rituals and routines should reflect and support this on an ongoing basis. We take great pride in setting you up for success.


The Learnings

Learn what and when to add, subtract and reinforce in your every day.

Discouraging plateaus and encouraging diversity in well-being.

A Morning Ritual including enriching activities that are consciously chosen to nourish your body, mind and soul.

A Movement Protocol with variety in dimension, including Joint Mobilization, Cardiovascular and Muscular Strength and Endurance, and Optimal Stretch practices.

A Nourishment Protocol incorporating how to eat at home and out, tracing your food chains, understanding sugar and inflammatory response.


The Benefits

correct weight loss

manages depressions and anxiety

transforms life

enhances attention and focus

boosts athletic performance and wellbeing

improves mental health

improves sleep

stimulates brain function

builds emotional wellness

accelerates healing and recovery

encourages growth mindset


Our breakthrough course will help you to establish and develop a solution-based mindset, enabling and empowering you to be more capable of pursuing the things in life that give you fulfillment, purpose and wellness.

Reset yourself … set yourself up for success.


What you receive:

4 Modules of Body Resetting: Healthy Foundations, Movement Protocols, Nourishment Protocols, Morning Ritual Building

The Akira Concept Deck (coming soon!) to help you create nourishing Rituals and shape your life.

Body Resetting Notebook

Nourishing food to keep you well-fuelled during the workshop and to take home.

Intake Form and series of follow up emails for support.


Investment:  $250

Please be in touch to discuss or book your Body Resetting Training.