Meet The Team

Lisa Borden and David Newton are self-declared Unconventional Idealists making healthy futures possible… conscious and connected visionaries who actively pursue meaningful goals with purpose, passion, and authenticity, and believe in personal journeys and human potential. This is their story.

Working with Lisa and David is for those who really want results and are ready to do the work … they will make your health and wellness goals accessible, attainable, sustainable, and most importantly, successful. They are determined to create a wellness-focused future for all … their trainings, experiences, active advising, and workbooks are designed to help you discover your Wellness Intelligence.

David Newton

An Unconventional Idealist with a passion for and a dedication to functional movement, foundational wellness and self-care, productively rewiring the mind/body connection.

David’s contributions, practices and philosophies guarantee ongoing nourishment for your own healthy and dynamic life. David believes that physical and mental complacency as we age are not options. You will immediately notice a difference in how you move your body and engage your brain after learning and applying David’s experience-based wisdom.

Partnering with Lisa has enabled David’s methods and skillset to reach wider and farther, sharing his training, expertise, leadership and wisdom with a fast-growing community of like-minded, strength seeking clients around the continent who are looking for this exact level and calibre of preventative lifestyle practice.

David Newton is a Movement-Based Therapist and has worked in the fitness and wellness industry for over three decades. He is a Yoga Teacher, Indoor Cycling Instructor, Personal Trainer, Ironman Triathlete, Human and Equine Reiki Practitioner and is Co-Creator and Facilitator of The Akira Concept Immersive Wellness Solutions . David was a Canadian National Sport Aerobic gold medalist, representing Canada on two separate occasions at the World Aerobic Championships, ranking 9th in the world.

David’s passion, work and philosophies focus on joy factor, graceful aging, gratitude practice and authentic wellness. He truly enjoys sharing his knowledge for all that is connected to successful and healthful living.

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Lisa Borden

An Unconventional Idealist with drive, intuition, and connectivity who excels at developing efficient strategies and starting dialogue resulting in positive change and healthy outcomes.

Lisa has always demonstrated in her business models and execution that wellness is a decision, and that growth is based on where those decisions are focused. Her connection and fascination with David’s practical and experience-based wisdom began organically when she first discovered David in his classes.

Lisa Borden started Borden Communications, a BCorp certified company, in 1994 and specializes in strategic marketing communications + business development that matters. Taking a unique and holistic approach, she takes great pride in her positive track record and reputation in supporting brands and entrepreneurs to grow revenue, build brand culture and organize business foundations.

An effective communicator, Lisa helps bring voice and shape to people’s ideas, coaching them to understand their exact purpose and to be their own best expert. Lisa has a dedication and passion for building her wellness-based knowledge and infusing this into her own life as well as the lives of her clients. Lisa is Co-Creator and Facilitator of The Akira Concept Immersive Wellness Solutions and is also Reiki Certified. She truly enjoys sharing her knowledge for all that is connected to successful and healthful working and living.

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